Transcription – Mike Shannon Interview

Q:                    Last question Mike, and that — what is it that you think people don’t understand about George W. Bush that, based on your closer observation of him than most Americans, never get a chance to —

SHANNON:      Well, he’s extraordinarily thoughtful [01:08:00] and he is somebody that I think everybody knows cares a lot, but he is somebody who thinks a lot.  And I think because of some of the focus on his communications, speeches, or flubs, that — and because he’s from Texas, and talks a little different than maybe some of the country, that some of that thoughtfulness kind of got lost in the shuffle.  So, he — yeah, he was a wonderful guy to work for.  I’m proud to have worked for him, and presidential campaigns are extraordinary years of your life that I don’t think I’ll have too many more like that.

Q:                    Well, thank you, Mike Shannon.

Mike Shannon Interview, Center for Presidential History, Southern Methodist University, The Election of 2004 Collective Memory Project, 10 March 2014, accessed at

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